Saturday, 25 May 2013

Grey Pareee

As the rain beats down and the noses run and the gas meter spins, May is drawing to a close. Cannes was a washout but some good films are coming out of it - very excited about this documentary of Paris: they got the colours right!

Jolly grey.  

Seems the rain and the credit crunch have not affected LV's fans on the Champs Elysées. Incroyable:

No comment.

This little bouquin caught my eye, amongst all the rhapsodic love letters to the city, here is a book of anecdotes about not being so keen on Paris. One to read tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle in June perhaps.

I've been there.

Merci Paris, on boulevard Beaumarchais in the 11e. Haven in the storm and aspirational treasure trove of unattanaible goodies. Also a used book café with a great selection of books in French and some English and other foreign language. Cosy!

Merci used book café

The garden of the café du potager at Merci. Verdant!

Dream summer outfit. Dream weather not included obv.


  1. Perfect opening.
    But you must have heat!
    What a lucky duck
    I saw the trailer at Sugar Man and this is on the list for UGC.
    Perfect summer outfit...

  2. Love your photos of Paris!